What do you have when you combine a cow with a van?

Posted on July 8, 2009

It’s a Moooooving!!!  HaHa!  But that’s just what we did today.  We all had a hard day of work.  There was a crew painting, and most of the rest were drywalling 2 different houses.  And yes, more insulation for Chris and Joy!  Again, ITCHY!!!  After a delicious lunch at a neighboring church, we all went back to work.  What a thunderstorm we had this afternoon.  Dinner of course was delicious, followed by a visit by some special guests.  Two women from the local Rotary Club and a guest from the Pass Christian Code Office came in to speak to us about how the funding comes available for homes and how they decide who to build for.  What interesting stories they had to tell.  We can’t wait to share them with you at home.  We are also sending our sympathies with Stephnie Carroll (who is here with us) and her family.  Steph’s grandfather passed away this morning.  She and Emily Brody are going to brave the airport on Friday so that she can be home for his funeral.  Please keep Steph and her family in your prayers and also Steph and Emily in prayer as they travel on Friday.  We are excited that we have passed the half way point of the week and are looking forward to the water park on Saturday.  Hopefully Pastor Brody found us a 5 star hotel to stay in with all the spa treatments included!  Robert-this is for you.  A group of giraffes are running one way and another group is running towards them.  What do you call it when they meet?  A Giraffic Jam!!!  Love you all.

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2 Responses to “What do you have when you combine a cow with a van?”

  1. Diane Mitchell
    Jul 08, 2009

    Hey Joy — Sounds like you are having a great time — didn’t know you were such a creative writer. It has been fun reading your comments each day — keeps us all feeling not so far away. Had a good time with the family — went to dinner with them. Riley took pictures (got some good ones) — and Kasey, well he provided the subject matter for the pictures! Watched the fireworks with them…though Gabe and I would rather see them than hear them. I believe all of us in this family are anxious to see you, hear your stories, and feel your presence once again. Continuing to pray for you and thanking God that you have the desire in your heart to serve Him and others. Blessings to all of you from all of us!

  2. Robert Brody
    Jul 09, 2009

    Hey guys looks like you are doing a great job, although I don’t think I’ve seen any pictures of Barb working yet. Also it looks like Emily needs a second coat of paint since it doesn’t look like the first coat quite covered. Try to behave while you are there. Remember the Civil War ended in 1865. Lets not ruin 144 years of healing! Also since my wife has been working with insulation all week please make sure you bathe her before you send her home. Thanks! ~Robert

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