Wednesday, March 14th. More Mud!

Posted on March 14, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buenos Noches!  It has been another very muddy day on the jobsite.  Despite the conditions were able to get a great deal done today.  We are developing better communication with our new friends here.  Fortunately, most of the jobs are simple and repetitive.  The kids on the site continue to outwork us, and we are discovering that not much changes when it comes to the antics that go on with them.  The people here are so welcoming and hospitable.  Life here is not as technically efficient, but it is more relational.  The pastor’s family is well represented on the site, and you can tell how close they all are.  There may not be as much work getting done as we would like, but we are building more than just a building.  We are connecting with the larger church.  We are experiencing the love of Christ in a magnificent way.  Hopefully we are extending the same love in some measure back in the way we are receiving it.

The ladies of the team have been balancing their time between helping with the building, doing women’s ministry and also running children’s ministry at the church. Today the ladies gather with some of the women in leadership at the Lomas Frescas church to encourage them and pray with them. We met at Cadida’s home and had a wonderful time of prayer, sharing together and encouraging one another. The women of Nicaragua have hard lives, caring for children and running their households in very primitive conditions. They seemed to enjoy the encouragement that we were able to give and they also prayed for us in our ministries at home.


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4 Responses to “Wednesday, March 14th. More Mud!”

  1. Jann Denlinger
    Mar 15, 2012

    Hey Team! I see from the photos that Marshall is taking his afternoon siestas! Keep up the good work team! You will leave not only physical changes but emotional support there! Thanks to all of you for giving of yourselves to our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua! On a personal note, I don’t know if Suhay is in contact with Violeta, but if she is – please ask her to pass along a Happy Birthday hug the next time she sees her. Today is Violeta’s birthday! We will continue to pray for your health and strength!

  2. Mary (Pat's sister)
    Mar 15, 2012

    This is a wonderful post. Praying for your health and for the transforming work that God is doing in you.

  3. RoseMary Hess
    Mar 15, 2012

    Thanks Steve for leting Glenn use your phone! It was good to hear his voice. I am keeping busy, I have been having lots of visitors, but I miss Glenn. I continue to pray for each of you and pray you will be able to get done with the work you set out to do. Glenn it is up to you and Dale to get rid of the hats.
    Have a great time with each oter and with your new friends and brother and sister in Christ! Love to all especially to Glenn

  4. Dawn Groff
    Mar 15, 2012

    Hi team! Loving the pictures – keep them coming! I miss the people of Nicaragua so much….they are precious. Make sure you are getting Pastor Dale to treat you to some “pop” – Orange is the best! SO glad to hear a lot of children are attending the program you have planned – way to go Missy! You will forever impact their lives and give them incredible memories to hold on to when their life feels hard.
    Thank you for the updates! All is good here. Wonderful weather of at least 70 degrees + all week. Calling for rain tomorrow but more days in the 70’s next week!
    Keep up the great work!
    dawn groff

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