We Have Arrived!

Posted on June 29, 2009

6/27/09  —  Saturday

Wow, Pequea Church sure knows how to throw a send-off party!  Your attendance and support was appreciated by every trip member more than you could imagine.  After saying our goodbyes, we began our drive to Baltimore Airport and arrived with time to spare.  Our flight was on time and we landed safely in Houston, Texas.  While we were waiting, we noticed a young guy with something shaved into the back of his head.  After much debate, Dawn got enough courage to do a “drive-by screening” of the pattern while pretending to read a restaurant menu.  We confirmed “Ask 4/21/04” was what was shaved into his head.  Not to be outdone, the bold and outgoing Sonia marched over to the young man and said, “You said to ask, so I’m asking!”  This led to him giving his testimony about how he gave his life whole-heartedly to the Lord on that date.  He was returning from a mission’s trip to Belize, and passionately explained the miracles God performed on his trip.  This was a great pep rally for us!  Little did we know that about 50% of our flight was comprised of mission’s teams.  Our flight was uneventful until we landed in a heavy thunder and lightning storm – boy were we glad to make it on the ground!  We were greeted at the Nicaragua airport by Marshall Poe, Pastor Dale, and Pastor Jose and his wife.  Our 27 passenger ‘party van’ pulled up with room for our luggage inside with the air conditioner set at about 60°.  We made it to El Raizon around 10:00 PM local time, and we were happy we could relax in our air conditioned rooms after a long day!

6/28/09  —  Sunday

After a great night’s rest, we ate a delicious breakfast of eggs, beans and rice, and fresh fruit compliments of the hotel.  We worshipped at Piedra Menuda, which was worked on by the Global Impact team back in February.  They were excited to see us and greeted us with many hugs and friendly smiles.  During the service, they gave gifts to Marshall and Sonia as expressions of love.  A member donated two young chickens, and Pastor Dale demonstrated his auctioneering skills for the congregation.  Kelly bought the chickens for $17.50 in our pretend auction.  The children of the church performed an enthusiastic dance in our honor.  The pastor at Piedra Menuda is Miguel Vallecillo, and he is the president of the National Board of the BIC in Nicaragua.  He is also the pastor that received the gift of the motorcycle from our church.  We had the pleasure of passing along an accordion that was graciously donated by a member of our congregation.  This accordion will be given to another small rural church in Nicaragua.  We had a great time of worship and fellowship with the church and got to interact with many of the children.  During the afternoon, we visited the Masaya Volcano, and hiked the 177 steps to a look-out with three crosses.  From the look-out, we could see into the volcano as well as 20+ kilometers back to the city of Managua.  Our throats burned from the sulfur-gas spewing from the volcano, and no one could catch their breath from the hike up the steps!  Several adventurous souls pursued a challenging hike to a much higher look-out on the other side of the volcano.  One young man became ‘One with the Volcano’ as evidenced by the photograph; can you guess who it was?  After a great lunch of pizza (Papa Johns!) and chicken, we had just enough time to squeeze in a 10 minute power nap before heading to the church where we will be working this week called La Montanita.  We enjoyed a great evening of worship complete with singing, Pastor Dale preaching, a surprise communion, and of course a spectacular lightning show all service long.  The rain falling signaled the end of the service.  Oh, by the way… the church has no roof, which is what we’re here to build.  How fitting that our first service in the church got rained out, and the congregation seemed so excited that we were there to help solve this very problem.



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    Jun 29, 2009

    It is so great to hear familiar names and places on your trip, We can’t wait to hear the progress you made on your first day on the job. We will continue to pray that the weather will cooperate and safety for everyone at the job site. We loved the story of the man in the airport, what a great way to start your time in Nicaragua. Be Blessed!!1
    Duane and Dawn

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    Jann Denlinger
    Jun 29, 2009

    I so enjoyed seeing the pictures you took at Piedrea Menuda! I miss those children!!! What a blessing to see them in their finished building! We will continue to pray for you as you are at the work sight. Have fun in the son!

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    Julie Enck
    Jun 29, 2009

    It always blesses me to see God work . From the beautiful send off,(brings tears to my eyes)to your safe arrival,and uniting with Pastor Shaw. Right down to Pastor Brody’s funny response. It’s great to be apart of this Pequea family.
    You are all in my prayers this week!
    Blessings to all,

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    Robert Brody
    Jun 29, 2009

    Church Improvement Update #2
    Church improvements continue under my keen sense of leadership and style. I’ve started to reassign rooms so that they make more sense. Since I have a new title, as mentioned in my last update, I felt that my existing office didn’t quite live up to my magnificence. Therefore I made a couple of room swaps. My new office seats four-hundred and fifty, has a great stage and a big projector screen. Obviously, my old office would be too small to hold services in, so we’ll use Pastor Dale’s office since it’s much larger. Sure, it’ll still be a little cramped, but that will just make people feel like we have a big crowd. I know this is a big sacrifice for Pastor Dale, but he’s a man and he can handle it. It even says that on his new office door “Men”.
    By the way, in order to streamline our accounting, I’ve had new offering envelopes printed that include the budget code for youth ministries right on the front to take the guess work out of where money should go. I’m amazed no one thought of this earlier!
    Well, I’d love to write more but the photographer is waiting to take my picture for the new wall mural that’s being hung in the lobby. Be safe and I hope to see you all soon! ~The Emperor

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    Celia Swanson
    Jun 29, 2009

    How nice to read updates and see the photos! All four girls in this house have been faithfully praying for the whole group, especially a certain member they’re particulary found of. Livi keeps praying for “Daddy’s airplane high in the sky”. The girls get extra excited when Daddy, Grandpa or Uncle Dubby show up in a photo. We pray this will bless each of your lives and the lives of those you are serving. Work hard boys!
    Celia, Addy, Mel & Livi

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      Vicky Landis
      Jun 29, 2009

      So glad you have arrived safely and are enjoying yourselves! What a joy to see the pictures from Piedra Menuda….and the children! I love the picture of Kelly and Madeline (or Melanie? we were calling her both names while we were there!) She is such a sweetie! And, Caroline, too. And…what’s with the picture of the scraped knee? Who is that?? That brought back some memories for me, too, right, Sonia? Seeing these pictures makes me homesick for Nicaragua! Praying that your lives will be touched in ways beyond your imagination as you serve the people in Nicaragua! Love, Vicky

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    Dee Steele
    Jun 29, 2009

    Hi Team, You are being thought of more than you know. After close examination, Cam and I think the bloody leg belongs to Wes. Daleen, however, was a close second guess! Take Care, Dee

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    John and Jo
    Jun 29, 2009

    It sounds as though you have had a great (and safe) start to your adventure! Was that an angel you met in the Texas airport? Please keep being bold and courageous and you will continue to be blessed by those God encounters.
    Are all the children so beautiful?
    We will continue to pray for a productive work week and lots of opportunities for each one of you to use your gifts to touch the people around you for Jesus.
    Jay and Kelly, behave!
    Love, John and Jo

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    Jim Bridge
    Jun 29, 2009

    Hola Hermanos e Hermanas,

    Enjoying all the news and pictures. Especially the ones of that bonita Sonia. We are keeping you covered in prayer. (We will try to cover the knees better in the days to come.) Just remember, as Emperor Brody would say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t try to do too much. Stay safe and let the Lord do the work through you. We love you all.

    Tu Hermano en Cristo, Jim

    PS. No Coma la Lechuga. Ha Ha

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    Shelly Herr
    Jun 30, 2009

    Hello Team, sounds like you have had an eventful trip so far. The airport, a birthday, sliding off a road. Wow! Glad everything is going well. Dawn, love the picture of you with the little girl on your lap. That is why you are there! From what I have heard from others, it is difficult to leave those kids. Plant the seeds while you are there! We will continue to pray for you! Be safe! Love, Shelly

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