We have arrived

Posted on July 5, 2009

Hello from Mississippi!  After a rather uneventful drive, we have made it, arriving earlier than expected.  We had extra time to visit the Friendship Tree, a 500 year old tree.  Afterwards, we subjected Brian to his first Applebees experience, followed by some time at the park and Gulf.  We are now getting ready for a good nights sleep so we can be as productive as possible on our first day.  Please pray for cooler weather and good health as we set off to help others.  Miss you all!!

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5 Responses to “We have arrived”

  1. Jay Yoder
    Jul 05, 2009

    Way to go guys!! Have a great time in MS. Talk about hot, we have been living it for the past 9 days here in Nicaragua. It is about 9 pm local time on Sunday evening and we are all packed for tomorrow’s return home. We need to be up by 3 am to get to the airport on time to get through customs before our 7 am flight. Hope you guys have a great work week and get a bunch of work completed. We will be following your blog, so load it up on pics and info. Have a great time!

    The Team in Nicaragua

  2. Robert Brody
    Jul 06, 2009

    Hey Guys! We forgot to talk about who will keep Brain Hess under control while you are down there. It would probably be best to assign people in shifts so that you get full 24 hour a day coverage. Hope you guys have a great week. ~Robert

  3. duane and dawn
    Jul 06, 2009

    Well you finally made it!!! We cant wait to hear about the first day on the jobsite. We hope the heat didnt get to the yankees( that is a term for us northerners) Lots of details!! The good the bad and the ugly!! I wanted to know if Jenna was hard to wake up in the AM, since she didnt have a puppy licking her face to go outside. 🙂

  4. Darren Pray
    Jul 06, 2009

    Well it is great to see you made it safely there and through your first day. I hope the bugs are too bad. Just in case you are hot, think about 62% nights and 82% days with low dew points( aka low humity). Well, enough about the beautiful weather here. I glad to here all the hard work the women are putting in. What about my son? Is he working hard ? He better be !!!! Take care Have fun and work hard and safe. Darren

  5. Rosemary Hess
    Jul 07, 2009

    Hi Team, Thanks for the pictures and the updates! It souds like your breakfast was a great way to start the day! Energy is the ticket to get things done, and it looks like you will be kept busy for the next several days. Drinks lots of water. Special hi to our Jenna.
    Jenna Chance was here with Grinsin, little Chance followed him all around, it was so cute, this big dog and little Chance.
    Love to all,

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