VBS in Indiana Day 2

Posted on August 6, 2010

I am sitting here at 11:30 pm eating a pop-tart, swatting flies and watching teenagers run by with Nerf Guns. You never know where life will take you. Day 2 started with a shower at Sandy’s house at 7:00am. I felt SOOO much better. In fact, we made three trips so everyone could get a good shower. While we were there Sandy showed us pictures of her house after a tornado hit two years ago. She had quite a story to tell. She survived by hiding in the very bath tub that we used for our showers today.

After a late start we went shopping at Wal-Mart and Target for items for the church plus extra supplies for ourselves. We bought some items for the youth room and supplies for the Children’s Ministry. While shopping we were all inspired to buy Nerf Guns. Not sure who started that.  🙂 So now we are all walking around paranoid, waiting for the next dart to fly.

The temperature dropped a little today so we were able to open some windows. We had kept them closed to keep the humidity out. Once it gets in the building the air really doesn’t move around much. Unfortunately a lot of the windows don’t have screens so we’ve created quite a bug collection. It was fun to watch one of the local ladies trying to swat a fly the size of a small Volkswagen off the ceiling. She was using a dirty broom which made neat dust clouds everytime it hit the ceiling. It also dislodged a few of the tiles.

The VBS went well again. We had 21 tonight. Tomorrow we’ll be personally calling all of the families to remind them about the movie night on Friday. The kids are really getting into all of the songs and antics we are doing on stage. There was lots of screaming going on. (The good kind.)

After the VBS the teens seemed to get a second wind and demanded that we go bowling. I was hoping for a movie at the church so I could pass out during one of the boring scenes. Perhaps not wise though, when surrounded by teenagers. Anyway, bowling at the local haunt was fun. It was my first time trying it since my knee surgery. I was nervous at first but then went on to get 4 strikes in a row and ended up with a 180. I’ve never scored that high before. I should wreck my knee more often! Now if I could just get my golf score under 180!

Right now the teens are playing with Play-Doh. Nothing smells as good as a fresh can of Play-Doh! Random I know, but what do you expect this late at night?

Tomorrow we are hoping to lay mulch and plant prairie grass on a large cross-inlaid plot that is 66′ in diameter in front of the church, then cool off at a local swimming pool before we have to get ready for the final night of VBS. Please continue to pray that new families will come to the church. ~Robert

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4 Responses to “VBS in Indiana Day 2”

  1. Darren
    Aug 06, 2010

    Hey Robert and Crew.
    Your assistance with our VBS this year is incredibly thoughtful, and appreciated. We will be back in town later this afternoon, and the girls are excited about being part of tonights festivities.
    Thanks for all you’ve had to put up with, including our monstrous indiana flies.


  2. Delaine Peris
    Aug 06, 2010

    sounds like everything is going good. I can’t imagine who had the idea of buying nerf guns?? I pray God’s message gets through to the community and more families come to the church.

  3. Mindy
    Aug 06, 2010

    Oh yes I remember those bugs well. Hope everything if going well and Dave and I are praying for you and the impact you are having I am sure.

  4. Jann Denlinger
    Aug 06, 2010

    Hey guys and gals! Sounds like you are keeping Robert hopping..keep it up! The Jr. High youth have been working very hard while you have been away. They stained two decks, built a swing set, fixed a roof, cleaned out a house, packed school kits and sorted books at MCC, and the Xtreme bank along the back parking lot looks fabulous! We haven’t seen any flies the size of a Volkswagen, but we did see Brian flying around the youth room doing some interesting karate moves (you’ll have to ask about the new game they taught him) Keep up the great work! It sounds like you are touching many lives for Jesus! I’m prayin for all of you! Love ya ~ Jann

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