VBS in Indiana Day 1

Posted on August 4, 2010

Our first full day here went well. We spent the entire day getting ready for the VBS. The auditorium was transformed into a giant pirate ship. Despite a strong storm in the morning it was pretty hot and humid most of the day, so we kept as few lights on as possible to keep the building cool while we worked.

We had 27 children show up for the VBS. Several of the children were from families that don’t attend Union Grove regularly. Between the church volunteers and our workers we had plenty of help. Without any air conditioning Molly and I were extremely hot in our pirate costumes. In fact it was so hot I was afraid that the make-up I was wearing on my face for a mustache would melt, run down and turn into chest hair! We persevered and the kids had a great time!

Our teens worked so hard we decided to treat them to some late night Dairy Queen this evening. We did it as much to sit in the air conditioning as to have the ice cream. In the spirit of the moment I myself sacrificed and had a chocolate milk shake even though I already had one earlier this week. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices when you work in youth ministry. We saw quite a few Amish people, Amish buggies and corn fields while we were out. It’s neat to get a way from home and see things you wouldn’t normally get to see in Lancaster.  😉

We added a new member to the crew: Paco the six foot inflatable pirate. He was one of our props but seems to have developed a mind of his own and keeps showing up in different places than where we left him. I’m sure he’ ll have an interesting future when we get back to Pequea.

Good news on the shower front. As I mentioned yesterday the water here has a heavy smell of metal. Sandy, one of the members here who suffers from MS has offered to let us use the shower in her house. Pastor Simms has offered his place as well. I’m looking forward to a nice shower tomorrow morning without the feeling that I’ve just been bronzed. Also the water might have been irritating my throat, and that mixed with doing a pirate voice left me a little hoarse tonight. It just wouldn’t do to have a pirate at the end of the week that sounded like Mickey Mouse.

Tomorrow we’ll work on day two of the VBS then try to get out for an activity in the afternoon, just to get away from the building for a while. ~Robert

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3 Responses to “VBS in Indiana Day 1”

  1. Daryl Rineer
    Aug 05, 2010

    Robert…. Sounds like you should have grown a mustache! Sorry to hear that you had to go to Dairy Queen again! Keep up the good work, I’m sure the kids appreciate it!

  2. David Alldred
    Aug 05, 2010

    Sounds AWESOME Robert!! Who would of thought, you as a pirate!?! I know you always wanted to be one when you grew up. Who knows when that will be… Send pictures asap…


  3. dawn groff
    Aug 05, 2010

    Hey Pequea team and my partners in ministry at home,
    SO good to hear from you! I’ve been thinking of you and knowing that you are doing a GREAT work in Indiana. Wish I was with you all. Have a blast ~ Argh~

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