Tuesday – The Beat Goes On

Posted on July 1, 2009

6/30/09  —  Tuesday

Today started off like yesterday. Up and ready to go by 7am to have a good breakfast and then on the road back to La Montinita to do more work.  We did make a pit stop at a pharmacia (pharmacy) to pick up extra wound care supplies for Wes’s scraped-up leg.  No worries though, last night a doctor who is staying in our hotel took at look at his boo-boo and pronounced that Wes would survive and live to see another day.  Now if we can just put up with the whimpering coming from Wes’s room when he has to clean it after a day of sweat and dirt, we’ll be good to go!  As we neared the church, we left the cobble stone road for our normal slow bounce down the ever-narrowing roads.  Today marked a milestone.  We witnessed a beautiful yellow butterfly…racing by us on the dirt road.  Mechanized transportation took it on the chin.

The ladies and Dale got right to work on cleaning and priming more C-channel.  It is not hard work but kinda monotonous. By mid morning we were tired of looking at white primer paint. Unfortunately for those of us who won’t be climbing up scaffolding to put the actual trusses on the roof, painting is what we will be doing for the rest of the week.  We are hoping and praying that someone might pick a different color than white soon!!!!!

The stage crew began the day by backfilling around the block foundation for the stage wall.  When that was finished, it was on to laying the top row of cement block.  The most exciting part of their day come shortly before lunch when Pedro brought over his Nicaraguan dumb truck.  This ‘dump truck’ consisted of a small, custom made wagon, complete with 1, four year old mare, named Rosita.  Cat turbo diesel, eat your heart out.  The only drawback with poor Rosita, was that she needed a bit push power to make it up the small rise to the church.  We lost track of how many loads of stone and dirt we shoveled and loaded onto the wagon in order to back fill behind the block wall.  Tomorrow will be another ‘bring your shovel to work’ day for the stage crew.

Lunch arrived around one.  It could not have come any sooner.  Tyler was having a carb crash and needed a bit of a protein boost, so he resorted to eating the resident cockroach.  Well…not really…he wimped out and couldn’t bring himself to do it.   Just so you know, it takes a lot of work for Aula, Pastor Jose  Ramon’s  wife, to get lunch to us.  She spends most of the morning making it because it’s not sandwiches and chips.  It’s a hot meal.  Then she packs it all up in these big silver bowls and comes at least a half hour to 45 minutes by taxi to bring it to us.  It is always delicious.  Today we also had a special treat.  Home-made rice pudding and fresh mango fruit.  Both were very yummy!

After lunch we set up our little area for the children’s ministry time.  We had to tell the children to be there at 2pm promptly because yesterday they filtered in whenever.  Some even 45 min late.  Today most were there on time!  We had about 25 kids and we read the story of the birth of baby Jesus.  They had a time of coloring which they seem to really like and then we gave each child a temporary tattoo of any animal that might have been in the stable when baby Jesus was born.  Some tried to sneak in and get a second one because they liked them so much. They also try to sneak and get another piece of candy after we have already given them one, too!  We sang them some songs and had them wave little sticks with ribbons on them that they made.  The younger children were given little plastic eggs filled with beans to shake while we were singing.  The children are bright and well-behaved and we are really enjoying the time we are spending with them.  This should be quite evident by the continual stream of precious kid pictures.  To round out the afternoon Talia, Lindsay, and Wes got a game of futball (soccer) going with the kids.

After 2 days of work, the total production stands as follows… about 70 c-channels cleaned and painted, 14 rafters welded together, stage foundation block and cap block laid, backfill for stage 50% completed.  More c-channel and all the tin are on-site, and we are hoping Wednesday brings the start of roof truss construction.  Our Nicaraguan foreman, named Mario, is a true God-send.  He has worked very hard to match the energy and intensity our group, and we have worked very well together.  It has been our pleasure to work alongside Mario, Roberto, Pedro, Milton, and Alex on a daily basis.  We would love to worship on Sunday morning with a roof over our heads.

Later in the evening, we attended a different church in a small town outside of Masaya.  While there, we broke the language barriers and worshiped together by singing “Open the Eyes of my Heart” in Spanish and English at the same time.  We also spent time kneeling in prayer together, lifting up the situation in Honduras and other important issues.  Even though Daleen’s birthday had come and gone, Pastor Jose and his wife presented Daleen with a beautiful hammock for her birthday.


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9 Responses to “Tuesday – The Beat Goes On”

  1. Jessica Swanson
    Jul 01, 2009

    Hi Wes,
    The pictures have really been helping at home and we look forward to seeing all of you each day. I hope your leg is feeling okay. After looking at the pictures this morning, Lillie now wants a new pet. She also thought it looked like you were taking a bath because you didn’t appear so dirty in the pictures. It is so cute to watch her kiss the screen and tell you that she loves you. “Daddy be home soon” she tells me. Uncle Ty, are you the next contestant on Fear Factor?

    Love, Jess and Lillie

  2. Vicky Landis
    Jul 01, 2009

    Looks like you are all having a terrific time! I wish I was there! How awesome you saw the butterfly…I knew you would. I know some of you there know how special butterflies are to me. 🙂 Nice shot of Marshall taking a snooze…goofing off, as usual! 🙂 You have no idea the impact you are making on the lives of the people there and the children. Continue loving them all in the name of Jesus! I know exactly what you mean about the painting…we had the same trouble in Piedra Menuda. I know I was sick of painting, even though the color was green. Sounds like you’re having amazing food, too. Try to soak up every little bit of the culture that you can while you’re there! I’ll be praying that your work progesses through the week so you can worship on Sunday night under the roof. God does amazing things through prayer! Love you all, Vicky

  3. Sharon Lambertson
    Jul 01, 2009

    God bless you all for getting down, dirty and sweaty for Him! I have very much enjoyed the daily stories and pictures. I just want to hug all those adorable children!
    Things are sooooo quiet around here without you all. I miss you, staff members, and will be glad to have you back next week. Daleen, Happy Belated Birthday! I had no idea–you kept that secret from me very well. I hope you enjoyed your special birthday celebration. (My youngest son turned 16 while we were in Russia, so I know your unusual birthday celebration is a memory you will keep for a long time.)
    I continue to pray for your safety and that you will be able to rest well at night and stay healthy.
    God Bless!

  4. Don Mylin
    Jul 01, 2009

    Hey ya’ll
    I have good news and bad news, the good news is you will be soon finished
    with the white paint…. the other news is you will start painting green!
    I didn’t see any welding yet. Are you subbing it out?
    Don Mylin

  5. steve groff
    Jul 01, 2009

    I noticed in some of the pictures that Wes Ty and John look like they would fit “right in” on any job site in Farmersville PA. With the straw hats and the checkered shirts they may want to consider becoming a old order mennonite. All they need is a bicycle. It’s been great to hear from you. Happy Birthday Daleen. Dawn can rest assure that I have the house COMPLETLY UNDER CONTROL!! at least our friends and family have been feeding us and the house is still standing 🙂
    We love all of you and I’m living vicariously through the pictures.
    By the way tell Wes that the block work looks great.
    Love ya All Steve

  6. Jann Denlinger
    Jul 01, 2009

    The pictures are great! I too enjoyed the picture of Marshall napping! Is there a rooster at the hotel who might have caused him to loose some sleep? We are all praying for you and your work. We are praying for safety at the work site, health, and that you would show God’s love to those in the neighborhood that do not have a relationship with Him. Adios!

  7. sandy mylin
    Jul 01, 2009

    Hey team! The pictures and the stories are great! Each day I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you did that day. The Swanson boys seem to be quite the entertainment for everyone with all the blood, dirt, and bugs!!! It sounds like you’re being treated very well with hospitality and good food. Talia, I see you found a new pet – don’t bring it along home with you OK! How’s your spanish doing? Each one of you is making a difference in the life of someone. Keep up the good work!!

  8. Celia Swanson
    Jul 01, 2009

    It looks like your getting a lot done and getting good and dirty, too. It must be so neat to see the children so excited. They look so dear! And how special to worship together, each in his own language.
    Tyler, all your girls are missing you. They got to pet an 85lb. pithon today at Lake Tobias and Addy wondered if you were seeing any. Mel thought the parrots flew from Nicaragua to Halifax today just for the show. We’re thinking of you constantly. They were all but asleep tonight, but still whispered their prayers for Daddy and “his group.” They think it’s “Daddy’s group”, but that Grandpa is the leader 🙂 Rest well for another day of hard work.

  9. The Ross Family
    Jul 02, 2009

    Hi Swanson Boys,

    Just wanted to say Hey! I’m not sure if your representing us well to the rest of the world with Wes nearly taking his leg off and Tyler eating up the cockroaches! and you thought the California side of the family was crazy! We are so proud of you…keep up the good work!

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