Day 3 – Bronx New York

Posted on July 14, 2009
This morning we woke up way to early and ate a delicious breakfast served by our most gracious host. After breakfast was over team B was in charge of doing the dishes, however Dan Makauskas (who is a member for team B) decided that he was not going to par take in the helping of cleaning the dishes and decided to make his lunch instead. After that fiasco we were all split into three groups and had a prayer walk along our block. The groups stopped at 7 different spots to pray. Jeff Kile’s group had a powerful encounter when a young lady asked to join the prayer circle. After the prayer walk was over the 3 groups rejoined and took the subway down to World Vision (located on the outskirts of the Bronx). At World Vision the team was assigned to assemble many different pieces of furniture as well as paint to maintain the building. One project we built (Myself “Bethany” Jeff, Justin, Tyler, and Victoria “Priority 1 intern”) was a desk. When we opened the package we discovered everything we needed to build an amazing oak office desk. Unfortunately there were no destruction’s. What ever shall we do? dundundun….. We decided after a few seconds to build it anyway. Low and behold after 10 hours (actually 2 hours) we finally finished the project. As long as no one wanted to open the drawers, use the keyboard tray or have a door on the tower cabinet the desk was perfect! ha ha ha…. Not really. But it did look fantastic. But we all know looks are deceiving. We did fortunately have other more successful groups (ones that had instructions) who managed to build several computer chairs and 4 boarded shelves. We also built 2 filing cabinets (and by “built” I really mean take them out of the boxes). The group painting the warehouse who were supposed to be painting the trim and the doors ended up painting a finished wall dumdumdum…. After that partial disaster of a morning, we proceeded to take 3 1/2 (including track jumping) different subway cars down to Brooklyn to do our VBS in the park. During our subway rides Fabien l(intern) iked to serenade us with his guitar. This made the hour seem rather long. But we did enjoy hearing his tunes. When we finally arrived at the park, we started with playing a rousing game of kick ball with the children. However there was one small mishap. Justin decided to try and be nice and let Taylor take his turn to kick. Although this was a nice thought, when Taylor kicked the ball, he kicked it so far he hit a lady in the back of the head. After enjoying the thought of how nice of a kick it actually was, he ran over to the lady and made sure she was alright. Once VBS started the children were well behaved and really enjoyed the songs, crafts, games, and stories. One of the favorite activities of the kids was hearing Dan’s girly grandma voice during the puppet show. One little boy even said he could to a better voice then Dan. By the end of the night one small boy accepted Christ into his heart. It just so happened it was the same boy that said he could to a better voice then Dan. There were also about 5 other children really interested in the Lord and learning about him. We hope that by the end of the week they will also accept Christ into their hearts. Once VBS was over we came back and enjoyed some fan-tab-u-lous spaghetti and garlic bread. After dinner we had worship and debriefing. Later in the evening we decided to take a trip to Dunkin Donuts to enjoy some nice coffee and donuts. Now was are chillin’ and listening to Eric play some Led Zeppelin on the guitar……. This concludes our update. More to come tomorrow.

Hello mommy and daddy..miss you and love you guys so much xoxoxo

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3 Responses to “Day 3 – Bronx New York”

  1. Emily (:
    Jul 15, 2009

    BETHANY DICKERT I MISS YOUUUUUUUU! [thought i would go with the all caps theme from the previos update] (; Hope youre having a fun trip. Come home soon please!

  2. Janice Makauskas
    Jul 16, 2009

    Dan doesn’t do dishes at home either!

  3. Mommy Dickert
    Jul 16, 2009

    Hello Bethany! I can’t wait to see you. Your week sounds awesome!
    Don’t forget to keep reading God’s “destructions” – they will help you build God’s kingdom. Mom

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