To Be Known

Posted on November 30, 2009

To be known seems like a God-given desire for us all. We want people to say, “I get you. I fully comprehend who you are and I accept you just as you are ; with all your flaws. I know that you have dust bunnies in the corners of your house; I know that you have no idea how to change a tire or how to turn on a power tool. That is all right with me.”

There is such freedom in a relationship when someone truly understands you, yet challenges you to higher goals. God really does love us that much. In Psalm 139 the Bible states, O Lord, you have searched me and you know me.

Characters of ChristmasSo it is with the characters of Christmas: Mary, Joseph, the wisemen and the shepherds. God knew them, too. They were not just characters from a favorite story. They were real people. Take some time this Advent season to let the characters spring forth from the page and breathe new life into your faith. You will gain a better understanding of their individual struggles, temptations and triumphs. Collectively we will see how their story, God’s story, is written within our own lives.

The supporting cast of the Christmas story fulfilled their role during a part of history. God knows the main character of the Christmas story, His son Jesus. Jesus is forever typecast in History, He is the only one that could ever, or will ever, be called Emmanuel, God with us.

Join Pastor Dale Shaw as he examines The Characters of Christmas.

November 29 & December 2 – Mary: Trust God for the Impossible
December 6 & 9 – Joseph: Never Underestimate Your Influence
December 13 & 16, 2009 – Shepherds: Seize the Moment
December 20 & 23, 2009 – Jesus: The Name That Says It All
December 27 & 30, 2009 – Wise Men: Keep Your Eyes on the Goal


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