Thursday July 16th – Friday July 17th

Posted on July 17, 2009

Well here we are at the end of an amazing week. Children change, teens changed, and leaders changed….spiritually not clothing wise…well those too…any how on our thursday sight seeing day we took the wonderful subway to South Ferry. There we saw (and took pictures) for the Statue of Liberty and the boats coming and going..we then began our walk up…hmm not sure what street it was, but we went straight past the big bull (bryce seemed to enjoy this alot) we then traveled to Ground Zero…oh what a sight. Hard to imagine how quite the teens, and our group in general got. it was the quietest I heard them all week, and that includes while they were sleeping, we for sure have some snorers. we then hoped back on the subway and headed to Canal Street so the girls could look at purses, or should I say Tyler, its ok man i have been there…after that we headed to Dallas BBQ…WHAT A MEAL!!!…sorry Robert 🙂 Then we made our way up the block and spent sometime in the ToysRUs…what a blast that was…lol. some of us went out side and saw the naked cowboy, the naked cowgirl (not actually naked…praise the Lord for that. Then we got back on the subway and spent about an hour traveling to our park for VBS..

VBS what can ya say about that…we had an amazing week with it…Thursday was no change,,,things started alittle slow on Thursday. we had a hard time gathering kids. we started a “Congo Line” didn’t go as planned but was still random and fun. in the end we gathered about 9 kids and had a great VBS. We had to honor of talking to and helping bring 3 more of God’s children to Him, making that a total of 9 (I think) Praise the Lord. Once VBS was over we headed back to headquarters…we had some awesome dinner again…thanks Bonnie, then had our debriefing and worship time. We had the teens begin packing their stuff. once we got that finished 20 of us (3 Pequea Leaders, and 2 Priority 1 interns) headed for town. We got on the subway (again…5 hours on the subway in one day…CHO CHO. Once we reached Times Square we had a good time sight seeing and just being goofy. Some of our teens had the privalegde of having their first Starbucks…not sure how that went, but didn’t hear any complaints…we went to the M&M Store…3 floors of M&M stuff who would have thought. We also went to the MTV STORE…What a joke that was..tshirts…who cares. ESPN ZONE was ok some of the boys got their sports fix…but not so much….I think that is all we looked at while there this time…we then headed back to the subway for anyother hour long ride…man the teens do so well with it…once we got back to the house everyone eventually went to bed. we had some late night cake eating and pranks, but it was good.

Now it is morning on Friday…the teens are slowly showing up to eat, and I mean slowly….then we pack, clean and head to the subway again…then the train and home…more update to come if anything exciting happens…more pictures to come as well.

Thanks for traveling with us and keeping us in your prayers…

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