Team has arrived!

Posted on June 28, 2009

We just got word that the Nicaragua team has arrived safely. Due to a thunderstorm hitting as they arrived at the hotel last night they were not able to connect to the internet. Look for an update soon! (Nicaragua is 2 hours behind us on EST).

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2 Responses to “Team has arrived!”

  1. Pastor Robert
    Jun 28, 2009

    Hello Nicaragua Team! Hope you are doing well. Thought I should give you an update on how things are going.

    Well, since I’ve been left behind to take care of the church while you are gone I thought I should make the best of it and implement some changes while I’m in charge. First off, the new jacuzzi for my office should be installed by the time you get back. I know it sounds a bit expensive, and it was, but the money we made selling Dale’s toy cars on Ebay more than covered it. In fact there was enough left over for me to take some people to lunch. Who would have thought that everyone from second service could fit into a Burger King all at once! By the way, if Burger King calls tell them you don’t know what they’re talking about but you heard that people from Manor BIC had gone there.

    Jeremy Tuel’s sermon was good today even if it was a little long. In fact I plan to go back to church after dinner and see if he’s finished yet. Most of the congregation left after the first two hours but when I left Sarah Tuel was still sitting up front “amen-ing” her little heart out. She’s a very dedicated wife with more perseverance than Methusala’s undertaker!

    One last thing: I was looking at my business card and thought that “Pastor of Family Ministries” is a very long title. I’ve decided to change it.

    Well I better get going. Talk to you soon. ~Emperor Robert

  2. Lori Pray
    Jun 28, 2009

    Dawn, Wow You’ve had quite the busy week!!! Sorry we weren’t around to help out. We kept very busy with all the stable hands in Kentucky. Not too many cowboys but lots of Jockeys. Happy to hear you all arrived safely. Now grant it I’ve never been to Nicaragua but I think these are the only sentences you will need: No agua por favor(don’t drink the water), Donde esta el cuarto el banyo? (Where is the bathroom?) and Jesus te ama (Jesus loves you). We will pray for all. Love, Lori

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