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Posted on November 6, 2015


During Pastor Rick’s message on Sunday, November 8 the congregation was challenged to respond with your stories. The form below offers a space for you to write your responses to the questions listed. We’re serious about this, so by participating you will get a free copy of Practicing the Presence of God just as our way of saying thank you.

  • What helped you connect with God this week?

  • What kept you from connecting with God this week?

  • How did God show up?

  • What happened when you did connect with God?

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Your Responses

“My husband and I were at the mountains hunting this week. Sitting out in the woods you really feel connected to God. Lot’s of time for praying. At home we are so overwhelmed by life in general God often takes a back burner. Lots of praise for his beauty, my husband got a nice buck and we had a great visit with my parents who are 85.
We also felt we needed to come home early because our grandson was dedicated at your church. We loved visiting there. Great service, music and everyone was very friendly. Very alive church.” – Jackie

“I am sitting in traffic on Prince Street in Lancaster, PA. There is construction. The light behind me turns green and cars come passed me. I wasn’t at all interested in letting someone rush in front of me when I had been waiting but then I remembered our service on Sunday. I waved the other person in front of me and they waved back. In that moment I connected with God, I let this person in front of me not for any reason but to glorify Him. The traffic could have distanced me from God, my rush to get home could have made me angry at the people rushing but I took charge of the moment and found a way to show my love to God.” – Megan

Our thanks to Pastor Rick for an inspiring and wonderful message on Sunday! You, Pastor Rick, helped us to connect with God this week. We discussed your message on the way home as we do most Sundays. That evening, Cody prayed at the beginning of our evening meal, and he asked that your message would be with us during this entire week. God showed up for me in that moment. I praise Him for that. I just felt such joy and satisfaction hearing Cody pray those words. A second time God showed up was when I was e-mailing with a friend on this rainy dreary Tuesday and she wrote to me The Son is Shining! That uplifted me so. God is good all the time! I am reminded of His goodness so frequently and claim this often. Jeremiah 6:16 … ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. I have this verse on my desk at work now and I find solace in it every time I read it.

Tomorrow is Kidz Knexion and Thursday is Grow Group Night. May there be abundant God connections with everyone we come in contact with through these gatherings and all of our comings and goings! – Cindy

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