Phone Call Update – January 12, 2011

Posted on January 12, 2011

Around 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday Pastor Daleen Charles called and had a short conversation with Marshall Poe via phone. The area is still without internet, but they are hoping that it will be restored tomorrow. The team will send back photos & stories as soon as it is restored. Apparently they are waiting for a part from Mexico? In the brief conversation we were able to learn that the women’s ministry is going very well, and they are having excellent contacts within the church. Everyone is doing fine, the weather is hot but they are handling it well. The team was also made aware of the 4 inches of snow that fell in Lancaster! Keep checking the blog for the latest updates.

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2 Responses to “Phone Call Update – January 12, 2011”

  1. Bonnie Yowler
    Jan 13, 2011

    Hi everyone,

    Sure good to hear from you and we loved the stories and good news of what God is doing there using our wonderful Pequea
    people. Marge, my heart is there with you every minute and
    I wish I really was there with you.

    Wayne, the toffee was so delicious again, what a nice surprise that you thought of me. Of course, now my jeans don’t fit me anymore. Just kidding.

    We’re excited to follow all the plans that God has already
    set up for you all. He plans your steps and that is a good thing. I can’t wait to hear that you have to tell us, Marge,
    and everyone else’s stories, too.

    This comment sends love,

    Bonnie Yowler

  2. Donna Rineer
    Jan 13, 2011

    Am so excited to be able to hear your stories, at last!! whoever is writing has truly expressed how it feels–to see the beauty of the land and yet experience the poverty of it’s exisits is but a thousand words left unsaid. having been to the country leaves me a deeper appreicaite for life, health, kindness. i went to pick up my jd gator tire,,, yes, it is finally fixed! i seen this quote posted on the church nearby: “your words are the windows to your heart”. I am confident that each one of you will know that your presence in Chinandega will leave those words of kindness etched in each person hearts that you have touched!

    I am sure everyone of you have experienced the profound feeling that our “God” is universal and that he “is with us”!

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