Nicaragua – 7-4-09 – The week ends!

Posted on July 5, 2009

7/3&4/09  —  Friday & Saturday
WE apologize for missing the blog last night but our day was long and didn’t end until 9:30.  We will try to update you on what’s been happening since our last post.  On the job site, yesterday, we were able to paint the front of the church.  We got to use a new paint color other than white! YEAH!!!!  Beige was the color Pastor Jose picked out.  Since Kelly was in charge of painting the front she was hoping for something with a little more “pop” but was grateful for something different to paint other than tin sheeting.  Jay and Tyler climbed up on the top arch of the church to get the areas Kelly couldn’t reach.  The only sticky spot came when Jay got shocked 3 times while sitting on the wall at the very top of the front wall façade.  Dawn also got involved by using her steady hand to trim out around the windows and door.  Some of the guys helped to lift each truss and dug out under the stage and the floor of the church to run conduit for electricity.  Today, we only worked for the morning.  We of course continued painting and cleaned up the area around the church.  Since this would be the last day at the work site, our guys decided to give a pile of their tools as gifts to several of the local workers who had been on the job site all week.

Friday afternoon was our last day to spend with the children doing VBS.  We had our largest group with about 40 kids. Our story was about Jesus’ death and resurrection and each child received a salvation bracelet.  We had a great time singing with the kids and we taught them how to sing and do the motions for some of our favorite songs.  We ended our time painting tiny Nicaraguan fingernails on the girls while the boys enjoyed balloons.  On our way back to the hotel Friday, we stopped at the BIC church in San Francisco where Pastor Edgar is the pastor.  After getting cleaned up at the hotel we welcomed Allan and Beth Claassen-Thrush and their adorable four month old son, Simon. They are MCC workers here in Nicaragua.  They have a really good feel for the people and politics here.  We were able to ask them lots of questions.  During our discussion, Marshall surprised Pastor Dale by inviting the Junta (Some of the BIC leadership here).  They presented Dale with a thank you certificate for his work last week at the leadership training.  They also had one for Ann Marie.  In addition to these guests, Marshall’s son Keith and a friend of his stopped by to say “hello.”  The men were very interested in Keith’s coffee harvesting business.  Our visitors left after 9 pm and we went to bed.

After leaving the work site today, we had a welcomed reprieve from our daily consumption of rice and beans because we stopped and had yummy pizza in Granada.  Five large pizzas and twelve drinks cost $43!  After our tummies were satisfied, we drove down through the town of Granada to Lake Nicaragua to enjoy a boat ride.  We saw lots of beautiful flowers and animals, including a few monkeys climbing around some trees.  Some of the islands on the lake are owned by Americans and used for getaways and vacation spots.  The extravagant houses once again reminded us of our friends back at La Montanita, and the difference between the upper and lower class.  This was very relaxing for everyone, and the women even took their shoes off to stick their toes in the refreshing water that was warmer than the showers we’ve been taking all week!  After we returned to the dock, some bartered with the locals that were selling jewelry, and walked away with some good finds!  We parked the van and walked around Granada a bit when we were finished and admired the old but colorful architecture.  We headed back to the Hotel after a few minutes of sight-seeing and scoping the tables filled with lots of jewelry and other gadgets.

Earlier in the week, Vicky Landis commented that we needed to soak up as much Nicaraguan culture as we can.  Let’s just say that after tonight, we were marinated in it!  A reenactment of the Revolutionary March of the Sandanistas from Managua to Nindiri occurred tonight in front of the hotel.  Imagine the Solanco fair parade on steroids complete with tractor trailers, buses, pick-up trucks with 17 people in the bed, motorcycles with 4 people on them, bicycles, and people walking that has been going on for 6 hours!  The parade route is approximately 13 miles long!  We were within 30 feet of the President, Daniel Ortega, as he marched with the crowd.  As many of us stood on the curb watching, Sonia was interviewed by the local TV station.  Diplomatic relations within our home country could be impacted as Tyler was caught on camera waving the Sandanista flag!  Tomorrow will be our farewell service at La
Montanita and afterwards we will be shopping in the market of Masaya.  Please keep us in your prayers as we have to say goodbye to our dear friends in Nicaragua.  Signing off for now!


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2 Responses to “Nicaragua – 7-4-09 – The week ends!”

  1. Dave Warfel
    Jul 05, 2009

    Following your team found me envious and wishing I were back in Nicaragua once again. God is alive and well and they (the Nicas) have so much to teach us. Thanks for sharing your lives with those who have so little, but show us “how little” can be so much.

    Dave Warfel
    Lancaster BIC

  2. Once again, it was great to be with you in Masaya. The photos of Simon are great! What an experience to be so close to Comandante Ortega. Sonia, we’re bummed that we don’t have TV…otherwise we would have cheered after your interview. 🙂 Blessings as you continue your various ministries at Pequea. We ask that you continue to keep the BIC church and the ministries of MCC here in Nicaragua in your prayers.
    -Alan Claassen Thrush (and Beth and Simon)

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