Rumor Has It

Did you hear who so-and-so is dating? I heard they broke up! Well, I heard that she said that you said… Rumors can be like a spark, and before you know it, they cause a blaze! Join us this month as we tackle our new series, “Rumor Has It…”

April 2 – The Wrong Way
April 9 – The Right Way
April 16 – The Evil Way
April 23 – Healing
April 30 – Hype Night – Lanco Fieldhouse

Hype Night

About Xtreme Youth

While the teen years can be challenging, teens bring a unique set of gifting to ministry and our church. We believe this group is the future of Pequea. It is our desire to create an environment where students from all walks of life can bring their “junk” and still feel connected. It is our prayer that students create connections and understand what it means to be fully-devoted followers of Christ. We will do this by creatively and intentionally crafting a mid-week experience that points students back to their true identity in Christ.

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Sunday Mornings

During our Sunday morning service at 9:00 a.m. we provide small groups for our Junior High and Senior High School students to go deeper in God’s word. For those wanting to “go further faster,” this opportunity is for you!

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All students participating in activities sponsored by Xtreme Youth must complete our release form. You can download this form by clicking here.

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If you have any questions please contact our Youth and Young Adult Director, Chris Folck by emailing or by calling 717.872.5679.

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