Managua – We have arrived – January 8, 2011

Posted on January 9, 2011

After a long day’s journey our happy little band of travelers arrived safely in Managua around 9:30 pm and got checked into the hotel by 10:30. All connections and flights went smoothly and according to schedule. Our nearly three hour layover in Houston gave us the opportunity to enjoy an early dinner at one of the airport’s finest eating establishments – Bubba’s (at least I think that’s what it was called). As you can guess by the name, the food selection consisted mostly of barbeque, selections from the grill, and strangely enough, sushi. Though the food was quite good, I need to brush up on my Texaseese (not sure if that’s a word). Bubba and I had trouble communicating – I didn’t’ understand a word he said but he eventually caught on to what I was pointing at. Who would have thought there would be a language barrier in Texas? My apologies if I may have offended any former Texans now at Pequea.

All kidding aside, after our dinner Dottie and Marlin lead us in a time of devotions before we boarded our plane for Managua.

Blessings from Managua

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6 Responses to “Managua – We have arrived – January 8, 2011”

  1. Bobbi C
    Jan 09, 2011

    Hi team, (Hi Tony) Hope you are all well and getting
    accustomed to the warm(hot) temperatures. Very cold and breezy
    here. Church was great. The Eagles(Philadelphia) not so great. They
    would have won in the last few minutes, but noooo, Vick’s pass was
    intercepted in the end zone, no less. Maybe next year. Tell Tony
    he’s lucky he wasn’t here to see it. They were not in the lead at
    any point in the game. Try to get plenty of rest tonight so you’re
    ready for tomorrow. I’m praying for you. God bless. My love to
    Tony. Bobbi C

  2. Donna Rineer
    Jan 09, 2011

    I haven’t been able to view the pictures. something is not right with the computer, or the person using it! i did manage to get into this section. Been in the low 20o all day! Pastor Dawn gave a super great message this morning. i sat up front with bobbie-i think i like it there better!

    Steve- 1 down!! 13 to go!! yeah, i was surprised, was in my sunday shoes-i think i ruined them. dress shoes aren’t made to take calving! Beth, the big girl with the white boobs, heifer calf! Licks looks to be next! Doug & Ash are home! the video of their wedding is absolutely a must see!
    Marge & Wayne-i checked to make sure your garage door was down when i went past!!
    Sharon-your mom would be so PROUD of you!
    to the rest of the team, praying for everyone and to all to have a great time and a healthy time.

  3. Dee Steele
    Jan 10, 2011

    I think I am going to read the rest of these posts just to see what Donna Rineer writes. She cracks me up with these calving stories. Anyway, just getting situated at home after a wonderful, meaningful couple’s retreat at Kenbrook. I also got a glimpse of some of our youth group there and now seeing the pictures of you all just makes me happy to be a part of this Pequea Team, to God be the glory.

  4. Dawn Hess
    Jan 10, 2011

    Hello team! What a great looking group! I cant wait to hear about your progress, It always brings me great joy to know a piece of Pequea is down there serving…I feel like an exstention of you. Marge & Wayne…I will make sure to take a ride for you if you miss a good snow at the cabin! God Bless all of you for your commitment!

  5. Donna Rineer
    Jan 10, 2011

    still unable to access the pic… oh, what a rip off! i know jim proably has done an excellent job-i feel almost like begging to see them!
    steve-3 loads today! did you know the kings raise german sheperds (no, i didn’t bring one home but,, i put my name on the list)! licks is in the birthing stall (no, am not planning on getting in with her and getting pummeled!-i’ll send doug in!)
    2 loads set for tomorrow, so, you owe me a trip to the phantom ranch!

    stopped to fill the truck up today. the only thing i had left of my $100.00 was enough for a small turkey hill diet green tea. did i make your mouths water with the thought of TH tea?? was thinking maybe i should start driving that ford car that’s in my parking space!!!

    decided to name the heifer-“little ann”. she is pretty, petite and feminie looking! well, so much for the spelling.
    might snow tomorrow…. (why did i come home from jamanica?)
    Tony-may God bless you extra cause you have to listen to steve sucking and drawling all night!

    praying God stays near each and everyone of YOU!

  6. admin
    Jan 10, 2011

    The photos are viewable on a secondary post, all you need to do is click on the link below:

    As you can see with the latest entry in the blog the team is currently unable to post any additional photos or stories because they are without internet. The entire city is disconnected and they are currently working on resolving the issue.

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