Light at the End of the Tunnel

Posted on January 9, 2010

Friday is almost over and we can hardly believe we have just a half-day of work remaining and only one more day in El Viejo. While a few team members have been feeling a little sick, everyone was off to the work site on-time and ready to work. With just one welder Victor did all of the welding of the perlins in preparation for the tin roofing. Today everyone on the team picked up a paint brush and contributed to the tin painting. I think we all came back with a bit of paint on our clothes, arms and even in our hair. Arguably this was the warmest day for us on the job-site with temperatures in the upper 90s and high humidity.

The team enjoyed yet another wonderful meal prepared by Pastor Marvin’s wife Maritza and her mother Ramona. Today we had chicken, beans, rice and an orange cantaloupe drink freshly squeezed this morning. After lunch almost everyone was involved in preparing the children’s ministry. Geoff, Daryl, Kate and Dottie blew up balloons while Lea, Kelly, Dan and Sugey prepared for the final bible story and craft. About 45 kids joined us for the Easter story and making of salvation bracelets. It was a great afternoon! It was sad for us to think that we were saying goodbye to some of the community kids who will not be joining us for tomorrow’s farewell service. Shortly after the children’s ministry, we headed back to the hotel a little early to do some shopping. By the time we left the church, nearly half of the tin on one side of the roof had been put in place. We are anticipating that by tomorrow morning all of the tin will be on one side of the roof.

Later this afternoon the team spent some time shopping for souvenirs in downtown Chinadega. Geoff, Daryl, and Kate got boots. Some of the rest of the team got pottery, coffee and other small things to bring home. When we came back to the hotel we had some a time of prayer and devotions. Manny, Kelly and Sugey headed into Chinadega for some food while the rest of the group taxied over to “Paradise” for dinner and live music! The culture of Nicaragua and it’s music has inspired a few of the team members to take up Salsa dancing thanks to Manny’s instruction. In fact as this blog is being typed, they are dancing up a storm!

To answer a few questions from the blog: Luisa, Abigail, and Perlita (from Esteli) are doing well. They actually live just 5 or 6 blocks from the church in El Viejo. They are attending Luisa’s father’s church where he is the pastor. Indeed there were chicken’s in the tree. The chickens were actually perched for the night during the evening worship service. Sugey is doing a wonderful job translating and none of us have heard a single Canadian “eh”, sorry Dale.

Tomorrow a few of the team members are going to leave early for the work-site since we will only be working until lunch tomorrow and they are really motivated to get as much work done as possible tomorrow. Antonio (the foreman) really wants us all to eat under the church roof tomorrow for lunch. After lunch the team and most of the teenagers and kids we have been connecting with all week will play a game of baseball. Manny is especially excited about playing baseball and many of the teenagers are very excited too. Tomorrow evening we will be back to church for the farewell service where we will hear Pastor Marvin preach for the first time. The team is learning a few worship songs in Spanish and are hoping to sing them tomorrow night at the service.

Thank you for your continued prayer support and comments! Please be in prayer for the team tomorrow for continued safety and health. Pray for us as we say goodbye to the church family we have met here in El Viejo.

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4 Responses to “Light at the End of the Tunnel”

  1. Candi Rodriguez
    Jan 09, 2010

    Remember team…Your not saying goodbye, simply, I’ll see you again some time in the future. “Hasta Luego familia de Jesus Cristo.” Wow Time travels fast and you all are definitely living in the moment. Have a wounderful few hours left. Your mission was truely accomplished and will continue to motivate the natives to complete the job. I will continue to pray for good health for your safe return. God Bless all!

  2. W
    Jan 09, 2010

    Buenas dias chicos! Have fun on your last day on the roof. Enjoy your 90 plus degrees, it aint summer back here in PA. (Its about 20 right now). We will look forward to your return, hopefully with an assortment of coffees and other Nicaraguan treasures! Hopefully your lunch will be tasty in the shade of your new roof!

    Till we shall meet again-

  3. Lynnea Miller
    Jan 09, 2010

    Hello friends!!
    It is crazy that you are already getting ready to go! It looks like you have made a ton of progress, and I have no doubt, a significant impact! I’ve been missing you guys and thinking and praying about you a lot lately! Enjoy the warm weather to its fullest (I am in Florida right now and it’s snowing)! Today probably will be both a sad and happy day (a lot of mixed emotions), but lift each other up, give big hugs, and remember that your relationship with these people is only beginning!
    ps… I especially love the pictures of Dan and Sugey doing some crazy things! 🙂

  4. Jim & Sonia
    Jan 09, 2010

    Manuel, salsa, 101! Way to go team! Does this mean that some of you will be worshipping spanish style during the services. What progress you all have made with the roof. It brings such a joy to see this taking place right before your eyes.

    Marlin and Dottie we have furnished your house with hammocks! Ha! Ha!

    Again, great pictures. Jim and I have enjoyed seeing the different expressions on your faces.(Dan)

    Time has gone by so quickly. Soon you will be saying your goodbyes and giving much hugs to your new friends in Christ. Many willl be asking when will you be back? Some will say if we don’t see each other hear on earth we will see you in heaven. Very true statement.

    Bendiciones, Sugey.

    Enjoy and like always, praying for you all!

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