Pequea Announces Jerry Clonch As Senior Pastor

Posted on March 6, 2016

The Pequea Church Board is excited to announce that an offer has been extended to, and accepted by, Reverend Jerry Clonch to become our next senior pastor. Pastor Clonch has 22 years of pastoral experience in the Brethren in Christ and Nazarene churches, with 11 of those years as a senior pastor and seven years as a church planter in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Pastor Clonch served as an assistant pastor in the Millersville and Carlisle BIC churches before serving as senior pastor of the First Church of the Nazarene in Bloomington, Illinois for the past 5 years.

Jerry Clonch Family

Jerry and his wife, Larra, have three children. Bryce is their oldest son. Miles is their middle child, and their daughter Callie.

Jerry has an evangelist heart. He is passionate about equipping believers to impact non-believers by connecting with the community in a variety of ways. In addition, Jerry strives for excellence in ministry by recruiting, coaching, and mentoring paid and unpaid ministry leaders.

We will soon learn that Pastor Jerry is able to effectively express his thoughts in an applicable manner and he is a people person. We will all feel impacted by his high energy and love for God.

Jerry has a love for the outdoors and will be looking for places to hunt and ski.

The Clonch family will be transitioning to Pequea Church by the end of June. In the mean time, Pastor Jerry will be systematically praying for us and is encouraging us to be praying for and investing in the lives of those in our circle of relationships who need to know Jesus. He firmly believes that people move toward what they pray about so by being a church who prays for evangelistic and spiritual growth will enable us to fulfill God’s unique mission for Pequea Church of to reaching the lost.

Dr. Phil Gale, on behalf of the Pequea Church Board Of Directors

Letter from our Bishop:

To the Church gathered at Pequea,

It is my pleasure to write to you today and speak to the ongoing life and ministry of the Pequea congregation. I encourage you in your faithful following of and continued mission with Jesus.

Today, I have the opportunity to announce the assignment of your next pastor. It was a pleasure for me to work with your Church Board in the specific task of searching for a new pastor as the Pastoral Search Committee. They served well seeking God for the future of this congregation and who could best help lead the church in that direction.

Following the search process, Jerry Clonch has accepted the invitation to serve as the next Sr. Pastor of Pequea Church. He and his spouse Larra, along with their three children, Bryce, Miles and Callie currently reside in Normal, IL and will be transitioning to Pequea as the next pastoral couple towards the end of June. Jerry has many years of pastoral experience as well as a great heart for all people and the community at large. I am excited, along with the church board, to announce the completion of the search process and am anticipating how God will use Jerry and Larra to help move God’s mission for Pequea forward. They do not do so alone. You, who have chosen to form the church in this location, are the driving force for mission with Jesus. Now Jerry will come to help to lead into this next chapter of ministry.

Thank-you for your faithfulness as a congregation. Please be in prayer for the Clonch family and for your church during this next season of transition. God has been faithful to this congregation in each and every season. The coming one will be no different.

With eager expectation for all which lies ahead,

Bryan O. Hoke
Bishop, Atlantic Conference of the Brethren in Christ Church
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One Response to “Pequea Announces Jerry Clonch As Senior Pastor”

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    Pamela Leblanc
    Mar 26, 2016

    I am thrilled to hear that you have chosen Jerry Clonch as your new Senior Pastor.

    Jerry planted a church here in Calgary, AB, Canada and has delivered some of the most powerful, heartwarming and memorable sermons that I have ever heard. Jerry and his family are beautiful God loving people and I have missed them so very much since they left Calgary.

    Blessings to Jerry and his family and to his new Church Family.

    Best Regards,
    Pamela Leblanc
    Calgary, AB.

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