Indiana VBS Day 3

Posted on August 6, 2010

I’m sitting tonight waiting patiently for half of our team to come back from their showers. Normally I wouldn’t look forward to this except that they are suppose to be bringing pizza with them and Amy, Hannah, Emily and I are starved!! This was the busiest day we’ve had so far. We spent a lot of time working on the building. We added some Nerf upgrades to the youth room, painted several doors, frames and shelves that were just bare wood. We also did cleaning and organizing of a number of the children;s rooms. When we finished all of that we put down edging, plastic and mulch in what will become a prayer garden in the future. By the time we were done there was just no time to go to the local pool so we did a quick meal at Subway and came back just in time for our final VBS night.The kids were great and very interactive. A few parents came to join us for the movie after the VBS. Several of the younger kids really bonded with our teens, especially a little girl named Riley who was very shy at first but spent lots of time playing and talking with our group tonight.

Tomorrow was a scheduled day off to go sightseeing but we’ll have to spend some time finishing the mulch in the morning before we can go. It looks like we’ll head up to Lake Michigan for a while so everyone can climb the dunes and jump in the lake.

And for the record, even though Nerf Guns shoot soft foam darts, Amy Ressler and Emily Peris seem to know how to make them hurt anyway. Not so sure the Nerf Guns were a good idea. I better go, they are taking up an attack formation again.

Emily Peris has taken over the keyboard and says” not really, Pastor Robert is a liar….. well actually amy got up because he said something and i just got shot in the mouth by a dart….. i was only debating whether or not i should get up and get milk…. ehhhh.”

Alright, Robert has the keyboard back but not control of the situation. Time to sign off, hope all is well at Pequea. ~Robert and the antagonistic teens.

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2 Responses to “Indiana VBS Day 3”

  1. Pastor Dale
    Aug 07, 2010

    Hi guys, I hope Pastor Robert didn’t get buried in the sand dunes. My granddaughters Alexa and Trista made it to VBS last evening after a cool four weeks with us. They were anxious to get home to be there. Praying for a great Sunday morning service and a safe trip home for you.

  2. dawn groff
    Aug 07, 2010

    Hey team, so glad your making personal contacts with the kids. I knew you would. Have a great Sunday. We will CERTAINLY miss you at Pequea but know you are impacting others for eternity out in Indiana. Praying for your safe return~
    dawn groff

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