God Questions – New Series Begins April 16

Posted on April 7, 2017

The information we want is often one finger swipe away. In fact, many of our questions have already been asked and answered by people we will never meet. If we don’t know something, we Google it, or “ask Alexa,” and we have results in milliseconds. Yet, in the face of the most basic human dilemmas of meaning and purpose, our devices go dark. Don’t believe us? Ask Siri about the meaning of life and watch what happens. The truth is, there are real and satisfying answers to all the God-sized questions with which we wrestle. Join us for a new series titled, “God Questions” to learn more.

April 16 – Can God Really Love Someone Like Me?
April 23 – Why the Death of Jesus Matters
April 30 – What About My Questions?
May 7 – Overcoming Barriers to Belief

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