Friday, March 16th 2012: The Hardest Day Yet

Posted on March 17, 2012

Today was the last work day, but also our last day to spend with our brothers and sisters at Lomas Frescas BIC.  The day has been very hot, so the work was again slow.  Some of us have had some issues with illness, but most have recovered.  There was a heavy feeling today as we were working our way to the end of the day, and the eventual goodbyes that would come.  Despite this, we had a great day on the site laughing, working, and just sweating in general.  Some of us went to see the other two BIC churches in Bluefields.  One is a very traditional looking church not far from downtown, the other is a building on stilts in a swampy area.

The Goodbye Service:

This service is both the best and saddest service that we have attended this week.  There were many of the same songs sung, except for a less than perfect rendition of “Abre Mis Ojos” (Open the Eyes of My Heart) by our group! (Our attempt at singing in Spanish!).  There were many moving testimonials given.  The people in this church have been praying for the ability to expand the church for over a decade, and they were so thankful for our assistance.  We felt as though we were the ones that should be thanking them for showing us such great hospitality and love despite their meager circumstances.  Their sacrifice is like the two copper pennies given by the widow.  Small in size, but from nothing they have given their best to us.  The Holy Spirit was showing His presence in a big way tonight and throughout the week.  We have all learned a great deal of humility, and have been taught to be better stewards of the blessings we enjoy.  It was especially painful to leave the children, many of whom are fatherless.  We can only pray for them, and let the Lord work.


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2 Responses to “Friday, March 16th 2012: The Hardest Day Yet”

  1. RoseMary Hess
    Mar 17, 2012

    I am anxious to see each of you. I pray you will have a safe trip home, and will be interested to hear and see more pictures.
    I am sure you each havemixed feelings about leaving the people and the relationships you have made! There will be probably some tears.
    Love to each of you,
    Especially to my love,Glenn

  2. Donna Rineer
    Mar 18, 2012

    will have the van waiting for you’s!!!
    i love your picture Daleen-you are such a good servant and i admire you soooo much!! same to the rest of you’s.
    stay safe in your travels!

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