Day 1 Sabado

Posted on March 10, 2012

! Buenos Noches! Good Evening!  Praise God for yesterday’s safe travels and the safe travels for the team from Canada.  He was with us all of the way.  We also learned that Glenn is in better shape than many of the younger members of the team.   We have been making meaningful friendships with our brothers and sisters from Canada as we toured some of the areas surrounding Managua.   Many of us were amazed at the sights, sounds, and smells of the country.  This morning’s itinerary began with a fantastic buffet breakfast with some familiar and traditional Nicaraguan foods.    After breakfast we hopped in the sixteen passenger van with Marshall at the helm.  We began by taking a relaxed boat ride around some islands on Lake Nicaragua.  There are many homes of the Nicaraguan wealthy class on these islands, which are in great contrast to some of the areas we drove through to get there.  After the boat we drove to Masaya to the open air market for lunch and some souvenirs.  Many of us were able to hone our haggling skills while rubbing shoulders with the people there.  At lunch, we met one of our brothers from The BIC  Church in Masaya named Charlie.  The day of sightseeing ended with a visit to an active volcano at Masaya.  Many of us were amazed at the majesty of God’s creative ability on display there.  Tomorrow we will fly to Bluefields to begin our ministry there.   ! Que Dios los bendiga!



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4 Responses to “Day 1 Sabado”

  1. RoseMary Hess
    Mar 11, 2012

    Good morning,
    Sounds like a great day spent in sightseeing! It does not surprise me about Glenn being in good shape. I could have told you that! Of course I am prejudice. He does take good care of himself.
    Well the work starts tomorow. I am praying for good weather and good health for each of you, and for the people you will be working with.
    Glenn I am doing ok. I will go to Pequea today. Miss you.
    Love ya, Rosemary

  2. Donna Rineer
    Mar 11, 2012

    Been thinking of you’s all! I see you found your fearless leader (Dale). I am glad Missy survived the volanco! Marshall-no dents in the van this time? Daleen-we will miss you at grow group tonight.

    Carpe Dieme!!
    (i think i spelled this right but Dale knows what i mean-it’s one of his phrases that i use).

    I enjoy the pictures and updates and i hope to see this wonderful place of bluefield that we heard so much about.

  3. Bonnie & Gary
    Mar 11, 2012

    Modern technology is a miraculous wonder! For the reporting and photography…thank you very much! We are watching you from Florida and emphasizing to each and everyone…we are praying for your safety and health and that over these coming days you are strenthened and blessed in many, many ways!

  4. RoseMary Hess
    Mar 11, 2012

    Hoping you can all get a good night of sleep! I am pryaing for each of you, and the relationships you will develope over the next several days. Our sermon today was about service and having a servant heart, because of our love of Jesus we are called to serve.
    Thank you for your servant hearts.I also thank God for the servant hearts of the people of Nicaragua. Have a great day tomorrow.
    Love to all but, especially to Glenn ( I miss you !) It is 8:50PM

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