Chinandega Friday – Day 7 – January 14, 2011

Posted on January 15, 2011

Our morning began with us meeting at Pastor German’s church to admire the completed handiwork of the team at the church. The roof looks great! The guys then took the van and supplies over to Pastor German’s house to continue the painting of the visiting room while the ladies settled in for a time of ministering to each other and reflecting on the events of the past few days of women’s ministries.

Now we want to share with everyone at home what a beautiful blessing we ladies experienced this morning. We walked to the home of the baby twin boys and were thrilled that they appear to have improved significantly from our visit 2 evenings ago when we last saw them. Praise God for His Grace!

Mom told us that the babies are “eating a lot.” The color of both boys has improved and both seemed to be breathing a bit easier. Neither child is out of the woods but we were all so happy to see some improvement! At least we know that they are receiving nourishment now that the mom has a dropper to feed them with. The little cup that mom had been given from the hospital was totally inadequate; the babies were not receiving any nourishment.

We were also very happy to see that other mothers and friends were stopping by to see the mom and hold the babies. It was a relief to each of us to see that a support system seems to exist with in this community among women. Often, men are not in the picture. Some husbands have gone off to Costa Rica or Honduras for work; some have found other women and many that are still married, do not attend the church. We’ve learned of this through our women’s ministry.

Lunch was served for all at Pastor German’s house. Again, huge portions of rice and beans and chicken; really good! Unfortunately, with the extreme heat, we’re constantly thirsty and not all that hungry. The guys were especially thirsty, having spent the entire morning painting in the brutal heat. After lunch, the guys continued the painting and completed it by about 4 pm. It looks great! While the guys were painting, the Nicaraguan contractors welded and set the main channel for the roof and have started welding the purlins to complete the rest of the roof. We’re not sure whether or not they will be able to complete the roof before we leave but we’re hopeful.

At some point in time today, Tony, now affectionately known as ‘Antonio’ by some of the Nicaraguans, decided to attempt to play ball with a few of the young boys. Unfortunately, ‘Antonio’ either underestimated their passion for baseball or overestimated his level of skill in throwing or catching the ball. To say it was humiliating…well, let’s just leave it at that. Of course ‘Antonio’ trying to save face blamed it on the size of the ball, saying it was too small. Yea, right ‘Antonio’!

Just face the fact that your game play today was less than stellar, but don’t loose any sleep over it, after all, there were no baseball scouts in the area. Just kidding, you’re an OK guy ‘Antonio’.

All kidding aside, at the close of the day, we enjoyed some great fellowship and another wonderful dinner at the Paridisio Restaurant. It’s hard to believe that this is Day 7 already! The time is just flying. Tomorrow evening will be a farewell party for our team at Pastor German’s house. We know this will be an emotional and tearful time for us all. The people we’ve met and the memories we’ve made these past few days will be etched in our hearts forever. It’s so difficult to put the many experiences and feelings we’ve shared into words but we hope that we have conveyed the essence of our experiences during this past week so that you too will be as blessed as we’ve been.

Blessings from Chinandega!


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One Response to “Chinandega Friday – Day 7 – January 14, 2011”

  1. Donna Rineer
    Jan 16, 2011

    so far today there’s not much drama on the farm. yesterday’s crawl on my hands & knees (yes, the knees) thru the snow (no gloves)and briars and brambles after a very stuck little heifer calf, it made me sing that song. the song deanna carter sings-“why did i shave my legs for this”. yes, it’s actually a song… i tend to sing in my times of frustration.
    it is warmer today, 27o and the sun is shining bright!

    talking to steve yesterday a.m. i heard you were unable to get some of my comments. so, i wanted to reassure marge and wayne. i checked the day you left to make sure your garage door was down!
    i am so excited to see all of jim’s pictures. steve you forgot the camera. Steve, i had suggested to you in one of my previous comments that perhaps since i’ve done your work all week you owe me a trip to phantom ranch. i must confess, i did go to park city yesterday and am planning on stopping at the new holland sales stables tomorrow on my way to pick up the van!!!

    see you’s all tomorrow (monday) evening!

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