The Middle East and the Messiah

November 8, 2010 No comments yet

Join Pastor Robert Brody during his three week message series “The Middle East and the Messiah.” Watch & Listen to these messages online by clicking here. November 7 & 10  The Beginning: Warring Brothers to Warring Nations The conflicts in the middle east today can be traced back to the Old Testament. Poor family decisions […]

Prayer Can Change Your Life- Week 4

October 11, 2010 No comments yet

Is Prayer Important? That’s a question we might ask ourselves occasionally. And the next question could be, “If prayer is important, to whom is it important?” The Word of God, the Bible, teaches that our prayers are important to God. The following verses are a few examples. In I Thessalonians 5:17 we are told to […]

Prayer Can Change Your Life- Week 3

October 3, 2010 No comments yet

God’s Point of View I know from personal experience that developing and maintaining a meaningful prayer life with God can be difficult. Many things work against us. Our desire for a deep relationship with Him has to supersede the importance of other busyness. There is not one legitimate excuse that God will honor for not […]

Prayer Can Change Your Life- Week 2

September 26, 2010 No comments yet

Power is explained in Webster’s dictionary as: strength, energy; the energy or ability to act effectively; the authority to act – to provide with a means of propulsion. Our galaxy is made up of planets of many different sizes circulating a powerful sun and doing it just as it should, day by day. Recently, scientists’ […]

Prayer Can Change Your Life – Week 1

September 19, 2010 No comments yet

My struggle with prayer. “Arising from the ashes of discontent, my dormant spirit has stirred, it hungers and thirsts.” Thirty years ago I wrote those words as they came to me out of spiritual desperation. They expressed an emptiness and a longing of my heart. I journeyed the next twenty-seven years searching for God and […]

What Every Christian Needs to Grow

April 7, 2010 No comments yet

Becoming a Christian isn’t a moment in time but a lifetime of dedication to following Christ.  in this new message series Pastor Robert Brody will look at two key elements that every Christian need to grow. On April 18 and 21 Pastor Robert will teach on How to make contact with God. Every relationship relies […]

To Be Known

November 30, 2009 No comments yet

To be known seems like a God-given desire for us all. We want people to say, “I get you. I fully comprehend who you are and I accept you just as you are ; with all your flaws. I know that you have dust bunnies in the corners of your house; I know that you […]

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